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Ice dam's are caused by warm air that rises into the attic of a house and melts accumulated snow on the roof. As the snow melts and refreezes, ice dam's are created, eventually this can lead to cracks and leaks in the roof. For more information on ice dam's, and how to protect your home, visit the GRACE roofing underlayment page from our Link's page, or click here.

Many building contractors in the Tahoe area do not recognize the need for extremely sturdy shingles to be on every roof facing the harsh weather conditions of this area. Trying to save money by going with a thinner shingle, poor installation practices, or overall bad roof design can all lead to missing or torn shingles.

In the Tahoe area, most people with a pitched roof install either metal or composition shingle roofing, flat roofs are usually done with tar-and-gravel or torchdown material. Wood shake was at one time popular in this area but no longer exists as a new roofing option because of it's poor fire rating. At Jeff's Roofing, we typically use Summit Pacific Standing Seam Perma-lock metal roofing panels for metal roofs, and Elk Premium 50 yr. composition shingles for shingle roofs. For more information about these products, visit the Links page.

Metal roofs typically last and stay in better condition longer than composition roofs but are more expensive and can be hazardous depending on your roof design. Snow tends to slide off metal roofs quickly and all at once, to have a steep metal roof above a deck or doorway can be problematic.

All Elk Prestique composition shingles have a class "A" fire rating. All perma-lock metal roofing panels have an "A" rating as well. Fire ratings can vary from product to product, check the documentation that came with your roof or call us for more information.

Jeff's Roofing will supply a permit for each job and maintain close contact with the Town of Truckee's building and safety department to make sure your job is done to the correct specifications.

Older "rib" style metal roofs have the tendency to compress underneath the weight of snow each year. As the "ribs" on each panel get lower, the screws become more exposed. Newer perma-lock standing seam metal roofs dont have this problem. If you have loose screws on your roof, we can tighten or replace them as needed, call us ASAP.